Kelly's helpful advice for Summer
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Kelly's Hardware has Aladdin Lamps - cozy lighting when the power is outClick here for enlargement - Kelly's has generators for convenient emergency powerClick Here to view a video showing important Electrical Wiring safety advice - overloaded wiring can start a fire in your home!

Hello and welcome to one of my favorite times of the year, Fall!  Where Summer went I could not tell you. If anything was to be said about the last few weeks of our weather and weather situations, it would be un-predictable, which means one thing, we had always better be prepared!  This is not an easy thing to do, but it is so important!  Sudden wind storms that can cause trouble, and downpours that are like none we have seen for years... and then more and more and more!  We need to be proactive and have supplies ready at all times in case of a problem.  I know I have said this before but, I think it is becoming more and more important.  What if the passes were cut off, both of them for several weeks, and the trucks stopped making deliveries and the food and water and supplies including medications needed were not available?  What are you going to do, who are you going to blame?  Be ready and have a few things around that you could use at any time anyway.  Tarps, Fuel, heating supplies like wood or kerosene or propane, propane is a good one to have extra of because of the nature in which it is stored and the fact that it does not go bad for years and years, Kerosene is another that keeps well.  Gasoline does not.  Gasoline, especially ethylene style gas does not keep well in usual circumstances.  Fire starter and lighters or igniters are always a good thing to have plenty of.  Water and extra food stuffs , including dehydrated items; nuts and fruits jerky etc.  Batteries and battery operated lights, table and hand held.  The Aladdin Lamp is a great one to have around, it is esthetically pleasing and very reliable and gives off a soft white glow that's the equivalent of a 60 watt light bulb.  It uses kerosene and is quiet, unlike a Coleman, and easier to maintain and light.

A chainsaw is also a good item to have around, make sure it is running, and when storing it or other gasoline items, make sure you have run them dry of fuel with a fuel stabilizer such as Sta-bil in the gas so it is in the carburetor.  That way, it won't varnish-up the carb and make it hard to start when need in an emergency situation.  Generators are also a great addition to your emergency fleet of goods.  They can let you utilize a freezer or fridge so you don't lose food stuffs while waiting for power to be restored.  A corded, old-style phone that does not require 110 volt power is also a great idea, to keep in contact with emergency services or loved ones when power is knocked out.  Remember when the cell site was out of commission last spring for a period of about 8 hours?  I do, and it didn't bother me a bit, but I saw people that were frantic without their communications.  It will happen again, guaranteed!  A corded phone requiring no wall power still allows you to call out if needed! Weather Radios with a fresh set of batteries or a crank style generator on them to supply power are a very handy option to standard battery operated ones; even though batteries are handy, they can go bad when sitting too long. These are just a few things to think about when pondering the upcoming colder months that lie ahead.  Be proactive and be ready.  Come see us at Kelly's for some ideas on the subject!
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Click here for enlargement - Kelly's has de-icing cables for your roof, and Freeze AlarmsClick here for enlargement - Kelly's has Thorogood Boots and Shoes - MADE IN THE USASeasonal News would include getting your lawn crabgrass sprayed with crabgrass killer and giving it a fall feeding, whether it be with Ringer Lawn Restore or Scotts fall fertilizer.  The time for planting grass seed is now with the cool temperatures, the moisture we have had is perfect for germination.  Scratch the soil up, and apply Scotts seed and cover with a little peat moss to hold moisture in, and keep the birds out and get your mower ready for next spring!  Getting ready for winterization is just around the corner and we have ample supplies of RV anti-freeze, and automotive anti-freeze as well in stock now.  Freeze Alarms for your home away from home to alert you of a sudden temperature drop if power fails or your furnace or heat quits.  The freeze alarm will call you and let you know of a drop in temperature, giving you time to get someone there before your place freezes up!  Gutters and heat tapes should be tended to now as well, cleaning them out and checking heat tapes for sun damage or bare wires that could cause failure of the tape... or even worse, fire!It's getting colder out now and Kelly's has a nice selection of Carhartt sweatshirts, coats, and other outer wear products in stock now!  Come in and take a look!  Also, take a look at the great selection of work boots and shoes in stock from Thorogood, American Made!  Ask about our selection of Traeger wood pellet BBQ's in stock, and remember that we give a discount on 3 bags or more of Traeger pellets when purchased here at Kelly's.  Also ask about our closeout patio furniture and the unbelievable prices on last years styles!  Ask for Pat on these please!  That's all for now, please look for another letter in the winter season - with more tips on seasonal items that could save you time and money and hopefully keep you and your loved ones safe as well!  Thanks a lot and have a happy Fall!  Sincerely, Pat Kelly's helpful advice for Autumn from Kelly's Ace Hardware in Chelan, WA USA
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